Bist Du gerüstet für die Frei

Are your ready for the open water swimming season? If not, take action now: What could be more refreshing that cooling down with a swim in a river or a lake after a hot day at work? The watertight swimming bag made by the SLRG Basel is the ideal companion. The bag is watertight and its bright orange color is visible to ships and boats from afar. The swimming bag can easily be transformed into a fashionable city bag to carry the (wet) swimming clothes.

The fashionable city bag costs CHF 25, shipping and handling are not included.

1-3 City-Bags: Shipping and handling: CHF 9.00
4-7 City-Bags: Shipping and handling: CHF 11.00
7+ City-Bags: Special shipping rates apply+ CHF 2.00 handling
International orders: Shipping and handling minimum CHF 20.50 (registered mail)
International orders required prepayment. The details will be send to you after your order has been received via email.


The city bag is available at the following retail stores:

  • Cenci Sport, Schmiedgasse 23, Riehen
  • MMM Claramarkt, Infoschalter
  • MParc Dreispitz, Kundendienst
  • Funny Diving, Bahnhofstrasse 4, 4142 Münchenstein


The city bag is available at the following retail stores:

  • Restaurant Stadtgarten, Städtli 123, Wangen an der Aare


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